Acción Noviolenta en las Américas is targeted toward activists working on nonviolent campaigns in Latin America, the Caribbean, and North America.

It also welcomes professors, researchers and academics, professionals, graduate students, and other people with interests and direct experience with the study and/or practice of nonviolent action, social movements, human rights, and social justice in the Western Hemisphere.

The program is bilingual with simultaneous interpretation so that all participants can understand and participate in Spanish or English.


  • Applicants must fill out the application form by clicking the button above, submit a copy of their valid passport or cedula (if Ecuadorian), and provide short essay responses to the questions about their experience, plans, and biography. If accepted to the program, each international participant will have to confirm that they have a valid passport, all vaccinations that are required for entrance into Ecuador, any visa that is necessary if they are from a country that requires a visa, and they must confirm their commitment to participate in the program.


  • The program cost is $300
  • This fee includes all activities, the field trip, all lunches and coffee breaks, a welcome dinner and farewell dinner, and travel insurance for all international participants.
  • The fee does not include housing, other dinners during the week, vaccinations or visas, travel expenses to/from Ecuador, etc.

Key dates

  • The application deadline is October 16, 2019. Additional applications will be considered after that date on a case by case basis until the selection process is complete.
  • All participants (including those who are awarded scholarships) must pay a $50 non-refundable deposit once accepted in order to confirm their place in the program.
  • The remaining balance of the $300 fee must be paid no later than January 6, 2020.
  • International participants must confirm their travel itinerary prior to their trip to Ecuador.


  • We are able to offer a limited number of partial and full scholarships, especially for activists who belong to grassroots movements that do not have access to institutional financial support.
  • To maximize the impact of the limited funds that we have, we will prioritize cases in which a partial scholarship can make the difference for someone to be able to attend and in which the participant supports the rest of their own costs through counterpart cost sharing.

How can I pay the registration fee for the Regional Institute on Nonviolent Action in the Americas?

To pay the deposit of 50 USD, the balance of 250 USD or the full registration fee (300 USD), those participants who live in Quito, Ecuador can pay by check or cash in the CEMPROC office at the following address:

Homero Salas Oe5-95 and Altar, in front of the Los Olivos residential complex.
Quito airport old sector
Quito, Ecuador

To make sure that someone will be there to help you at the time of your visit, you must make an appointment by calling the CEMPROC offices. You can also communicate by phone or email to receive instructions on how to deposit the amount directly in the bank account of CEMPROC in Produbanco (within Ecuador) or make a bank transfer to the account.
Tel: +593 2330-1655
Cel: +593 981-888-770

Likewise, the amount can be paid by credit card. Especially for applicants from other countries, this would be the most appropriate option. You will simply use PayPal.

Pay with PayPal

Payments: Regional Institute on Nonviolent Action in Americas

If you have received a partial scholarship and the balance that you owe does not correspond to one of the amounts above, please select the "donate" button below and enter the correct amount of your payment.

Please enter the scholarship code you received by mail in the blank space to ensure that the special amount is authorized

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Is academic credit available for participants?

All participants will receive a certificate issued by FLACSO and the other organizing partners upon successful completion of the program. However, the program does not result in academic course credit. Participants who are students can explore the possibility of receiving credit from their own institution, and we can provide a summary of the program content to facilitate this possibility upon request.

Are scholarships available?

We have some limited funds available to provide partial and complete scholarships for some participants, especially grassroots activists in Latin America without sources of institutional financial support. We encourage you also to make your own fundraising efforts, write grant proposals, and use crowdfunding platforms (like GoFundMe) to support the costs of your participation.

Is it possible to participate in only some of the days of the program if I have other commitments?

In order to ensure a quality program, consistency of the learning experience, and cohesion among the network of participants, each person who accepts our invitation to participate must confirm that they commit to participate fully in all of the program activities. If you know that you will not be able to attend some of the days of the program, we encourage you to wait to apply next year.

Can people apply and participate who do not live in Latin America or the Caribbean?

Yes, everyone in the world is eligible to apply, and there are no geographic restrictions on eligibility. However, the target audience for Acción Noviolenta en las Américas are activists, academics, and professionals from Latin America and the Caribbean, and Latin Americans are likely to be prioritized in the selection process for scholarships.